Apple Watch, Series 3 GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch, Series 3 GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch, Series 3 GPS + Cellular

This is my 3rd (or 4th?) Apple Watch - I've tried out every generation Apple since the first version Apple released. I opted for the cellular version and set up that feature for a few months. It works great but I don't have a regular need for making/taking phone calls on my watch without my iPhone nearby.

This iteration of the watch is the 42mm, Space Grey. I choose the 42mm over the 38mm after my first watch. I really appreciate the increased screen size.

Catered Fit


In the spirit of my continued goal to improve my health and wellbeing, along with exercise, I’m changing the way I eat. The challenges I am facing is that I live alone and cooking for one makes it difficult to avoid waste and boredom, my schedule is often affected by last minute changes, and…I’m a picky eater. My biggest challenge is that I don’t make good food choices when I’m hungry. It’s too easy to drive through fast food, order a pizza online or just eat a whole bag of chips for dinner.

A friend (thank you Ben!) suggested Catered Fit - my referral code for $20 off for each of us is 12BFF20

This is my third week and it’s working out very nicely! I’ve enjoyed about 95% of the food - high praise considering every meal comes with at least two vegetables. I did make a deal with myself that I would at least try a bit of everything.

Here are the details; I opted for the Paleo plan which is their version of reduced calorie meals, 300 calories each on average (for a female, more for males). 3 meals a day, 5 days a week. If I miss eating a meal they have lasted to easily 3 days after the intended day. They offer 4 meal plan types; Classic, Meatless (and here you can choose between Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan), Paleo (Gluten-free and Diabetic friendly), or Combo. The last option is great if there are several people with different preferences in the household. You can choose up to 4 foods to exclude (shrimp and hard-boiled eggs are among mine) but they don't change their recipes based on that, you might still need to make your edits in the actual meal option that you choose. The week before you get the option to select your dishes - 3 choices each day for breakfast and 6 choices each day for lunch and dinner. You can also cancel a day if you know you won’t be able to eat the meals. I’m not sure if that rolls over to the next week or reduces the charge for that week. They will not be delivering on Christmas/New Years Eve or Christmas/New Years Day. Catered Fit currently delivers to Los Angeles and South and Central Florida.

Coffee, Snacks, Desserts or Juices can be added for an additional charge or increase a meal to 'Athlete' portion if you need more calories. A small juice sample was included last week that was delicious (kale, green and red apple, pineapple juice). I may give one or more of those options a try soon and will post an update. I make sure to have my own snacks available (these days it's usually a Honeycrisp Apple) or I make some tea. Hunger pangs are often a sign of dehydration and not really a calorie deficit.

Their packaging is 100% recycled and the ingredients are locally sourced.

My price for the Paleo plan of 15 meals per week is $150 total. Meals are delivered the evening before (about 6:30 pm for me) in an insulated bag with an ice pack (you pay $10 for the bag which is yours to keep, and put it out with the old ice pack before your delivery arrives). When I’m ready to eat a meal I plate it (because it looks nice, not because I have to) then heat it up in the microwave in a few seconds.

Every meal has been fresh and reheated well. There were only a couple of vegetable sides that just didn’t work for me - your mileage may vary. I’m very happy with the food, service and the price is fantastic! The photos are my actual meals. Advantages of this service, for me, include fewer visits to the grocery store, less food waste, and better eating. Biggest benefit besides eating more (many more!) vegetables is that I feel a LOT better every day.