macOS Catalina

I recommend waiting a few weeks before jumping into this significant upgrade from Apple. I’m taking the time to do the upgrade and get used to it’s new features (the fun stuff and the bugs).


A new operating system by Apple is coming out very soon today, macOS Catalina. Like Apples roughly yearly releases of the macOS this one will have a few shiny new features (iTunes replacement, Sidecar, as well as address security issues).

This release is significant in that some older applications will no longer function. Apple has been warning about this for some time and it’s another reason to keep your software current with the latest versions.

For those who want the technical explanation, 32-bit applications will no longer run on your Mac under macOS Catalina. 64-bit code is more robust and can handle more data processing. If you want to find out if you are using 32-bit applications there is a free app called Go64 or you can check in System Information under Applications.


“That’s why I don’t ever upgrade!”

While some subscribe to that mantra, it’s flawed because it opens you up to all sorts of security vulnerabilities. Company’s like Apple, Microsoft, and Intuit stop supporting software when it gets too old which means that security vulnerabilities that are normally patched in the incremental updates (example: 10.14.1, 10.14.2, 10.14.3, etc) will no longer be addressed.


There is a tried and true gold standard or as Apple likes to call it, ‘Best Practices’, way of handling these major updates. In nutshell:

  • Make sure your device is compatible

  • Make sure you have enough room on your hard drive to accommodate the upgrade

  • Have or create a current, working backup (or two)

  • Update all your applications and check that any mission-critical apps will work with the new operating system

If you want guidance or advice regarding this update, feel free to schedule and appointment and we can get the ball rolling for you (or not if it’s not appropriate).

Here is more information from Apple about macOS Catalina: